Amecha Special Equipment

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Amecha: special equipment since 2000.

Amecha specializes in design, construction and optimization of production machines and equipment for the industry. Creativity and a proven flexible working method have made Amecha grow steadily even in difficult times.

Amecha projects can contain building test and measurement setups, developing tools and complete engineering and realization of assembly and production lines. Our project engineers are experienced, practical machine builders at university level with a broad knowledge in the field of mechanics, electronics, software and mechatronics. We choose a blend of theory and practice: our engineers not only design the most ideal mechatronic solution, they are also closely involved in the realization, testing and commissioning of the machinery. This way we get the job done and  feasibility and efficiency are already integrated into the design.

Amecha already has delivered many machines and tools to industrial companies. Amecha also refurbishes existing equipment, so that speed and efficiency are optimized. A free optimization check therefore is an option. We want to remain the right partner in the area of special equipment.