Special Equipment

Speciaalmachinebouw. Speciaal machinebouw op maat (ook optimaliseren van bestaande machines)

Unique problems require unique solutions. This saying touches the core of customer specific engineering. If there is no ready-made solution available for the production, assembly and testing of specific products, then Amecha comes into the picture. Amecha designs and builds customer specific and product specific equipment for different markets:

• Glass industry
• Lighting industry
• Automotive industry
• Semiconductor industry
• Electronics industry
• Telecom industry
• Plastics industry
• Medical industry
• Food industry

Custom-built Machinery. Customer specific development and construction of special machinery and equipment by Amecha takes many forms:

• Assembly Machines and Tools
• Production Machinery
• Robotics Applications
• Research Equipment
• Test and Measurement Setups
• Auxiliary tools

Amecha is acting in this manner over the entire width of the technical domain as a specialist in customer specific engineering. The engineering and construction of customized machines, tools, test and measuring equipment is always performed by Amecha having in mind the objective of optimizing the production process of the customer.

Modifying and optimizing existing machines. In addition to building new machines and tools, Amecha is invited regularly to modify existing equipment so that higher speeds and better quality outputs can be achieved. A first introductory visit by Amecha to a production site in many cases results in a list of possible solutions and scenarios.

What we can do for you? Ask for the possibilities: