Amecha: 15 years production optimization

May 2015 – 15 years ago Amecha was founded by five innovative engineers, meanwhile 15 people are employed. “But in essence, we still do the same: we help our customers to optimize production”, says director Hans van Bragt.

Helping optimizing production is mainly of a technical nature. Amecha supports its customers with issues such as design and construction of special machines, assembly and test tools, prototypes and test setups. Besides complete machines and tools Amecha is also a supplier of modules and machine parts. Customers are from the region Helmond and Eindhoven, but Amecha also has customers in Germany, France, Brazil, Poland, Canada and the United States.

“This is our specialty: production mechanization,” explains Van Bragt. “Because we have a lot of mechanical engineering, electronics and mechatronics knowledge, we have customers in many different segments: from semicon to food, from pharmaceutical to automotive. We have our own specific way of doing things here. Engineering and construction are kept together. An Amecha engineer not only makes the design on his CAD system, he must also build and test the system.”

Van Bragt: “The next 15 years the Brainport region will develop further, which will bring us a lot of technical challenges. This is one of the reasons for us to become system integrator for Adept Robotics.”