Amecha system integrator Adept Robots

May 2013 – Amecha is an engineering firm, located in Helmond Netherlands, working in the field of development and construction of special machines and tools for the industry. Since October 1, 2012 Amecha is system integrator for Adept Technology.

system integrator Adept Robots AmechaWhy system integrator of Adept robots? Amecha CEO Hans van Bragt explains: “in response to a question from a customer, we have done thorough market research for a suitable robot for this project. We concentrated on the possibilities of scara, linear and 6-axis robots, but also on prices and technical support. According to this research, Adept would be the best solution.

Amecha has also purchased an Adept Cobra robot to do tests for customers, but also to gain the necessary experience with this scara robot.

Van Bragt is very pleased with the technical support: “Adept has a great service and training centre in Dortmund where our people have received their education. What is important for us is that Adept has a very extensive robot program and what makes them unique is that Adept robots can be delivered with an integrated vision system. We are now working on the development of a machine in which a 4-axis linear Python robot is used with integrated vision.