Machine building in Brabant: Amecha connects theory and practice in a new office

January 2009 – Not long ago engineering and project organization Amecha moved from Grasbeemd to a new building at Korte Dijk in Helmond. The new building has enough space to reflect the chemistry between the theory and practice of engineering.

Amecha is a project organization that excels in designing, building and optimizing production lines and machines. This goes from building test and measurement setups to completing the design and construction of assembly and production lines. CEO Hans van Bragt explains: “With this type of processes designing is not the only important issue. What is more important: we must be able to build the machine and preferably having a long life. This friction, or rather, chemistry between theory and practice of engineering comes with every project. All our engineers have a university degree in engineering and are very skilled in designing beautiful machines on the computer. The real test is when they start to assemble the machine with their own hands. More importantly is that the machine should run by only pressing the start button. In our new building this chemistry between theory and practice is well reflected: on the first floor our engineers are designing behind their computer screen and on the ground floor in our workshop the machines come to life by their own hands.


Amecha works for many leading companies in various sectors, but the brand awareness in the region Helmond Eindhoven’s not what it could be. “We are very interesting for many manufacturing companies in the region, especially given our expertise in the field of production optimization,” as Hans says. To make things a bit more approachable, Amecha introduced the “Optimization-check”. “We visit our customer, for the first time free of charge, to analyze the machine or production line. When there is nothing to improve, our customer knows that everything is in order. If there is something to improve we will provide a solution.”